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Members Paid: $7,944.95     Total Members: 10161    
Members Benefits
At MeryClix, you will be paid by viewing ads & referring others . MeryClix offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online.
Not only are you compensated for referring to others, you also receive commissions whenever your direct references click on display ads . Your income potential is unlimited. The commissions for enhanced members are significantly higher than the standard members.

» Advantages:
  • Earn up to $0.200 per click
  • Earn up to $0.020 per referral click
  • No Investment needed to cashout
  • Fast Payments and Receiving System
  • Detailed statistics of your referral clicks
  • Profesional Support
Advertisers Benefits
MeryClix is an online advertising platform where advertisers can reach thousands of potential customers and explode their sales and traffic, we promise to increase your winnings to the end, that you want better advertising campaigns Or higher revenue for traffic to your site. Our network can offer you superior results. Moreover, we are always ready to take the advice into account., you will get the traffic you always wanted!

» Advantages:
  • Add your rotation plan instantly
  • satisfaction guaranteed results
  • Detailed statistics on GeoMap
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • Variety of ad pack services to choose
  • Special Packages